Paypal and Bitcoin – A match made by All4Btc

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We have been using Bitcoin for years now, and while the acceptance of the digital currency has grown by leaps and bounds, there are still plenty of stores that do not accept Bitcoin. Big names such as, WordPress, and now Dell have all begun accepting Bitcoin, including many, many more. Small local businesses all… Read more »

We’ve lowered our fees for Europe!

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We at All4Btc have been helping people use their Bitcoins to buy anything, without waiting for this company or that store to begin accepting Bitcoin. After a year of success, and a great response to our Spring Special, we are permanently lowering our fees to 2% for all purchases made within the European Union using… Read more »

Fidor a Dream Bank for Bitcoin

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Another step toward a Crypto-Bank Munich-based Fidor Bank AG took another giant leap forward in their investment in decentralized and open-source technologies, becoming the first bank to use the Ripple payment protocol, an open-source decentralized payment network that focuses on conducting fast, cheap and secure transactions. Fidor Bank provides personal and business banking services to residents… Read more »

How Ohio Bitcoin prohibition just looks silly

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“Public Safety” party poopers try to ban Bitcoin for alcohol-related sales China isn’t the only place trying to ban Bitcoin. The Ohio Department of Public Safety has notified a local liquor store that “Bitcoin cannot be accepted as payment for alcohol in the State of Ohio”. While it’s great to hear that Ohio has a… Read more »

Get shit with Bitcoin (literally)

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“But can you buy anything with it?” There are estimates saying already over 50,000 merchants accepting Bitcoin, and more joining the network every day, but not all of our favorite stores have been willing to open up to the new and improved online payment network. Whether it’s ignorance or fear, the advantages of Bitcoin experienced… Read more » safe against SSL Heartbleed vulnerability

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We at the team quickly updated our SSL implementation to make sure our users are safe against the Heartbleed vulnerability to make Bitcoin transactions. Security, security, security… After shortly suspending our service until we fully tested against the vulnerability, we now can say that our users our safe as possible. Security is always our… Read more »

Gifting with Bitcoin is as easy as Buying with Bitcoin

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Gifts for Bitcoin (image courtesy of asenat29)

Flowers for a loved one on a business trip, toys for your distant niece, making an anonymous donation…   People want to buy all sorts of things for their friends and family, whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or a simple note to the wife thanking her for her patience with the recent Bitcoin exchange… Read more »

Luxury Berlin Apartment bought with Bitcoin

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Who says you can’t live off of Bitcoin? An early Bitcoin-adopter and new resident of Berlin allowed us to share his story of how he bought a beautiful new apartment with Bitcoin. The new property owner was excited about his new purchase, saying the big and beautiful 150-square-meter apartment is “the perfect investment for where… Read more »

Drones, fish and other crazy stuff bought with Bitcoin

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  After our customers bought over 1 million worth of products using All4Btc, our suspicions were confirmed that people wanted to use Bitcoin for buying all sorts of things. Many popular items included graphics cards for mining, studio recording equipment, and console gaming systems such as the Xbox One or PS4. But these popular items were just… Read more »

All 4 Upgrades!

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Welcome to our new blog! We’re happy to announce that All4Btc has had a strong first eight months. We have been hard at work upgrading and refining All4Btc during the last several weeks, and have a few new features to we’re excited to announce. We believe in providing not only an easy way to use… Read more »