Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Unboxing

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Everyone here at like to keep up with Tech, so we could not wait to get our hands the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We had pre-ordered using bitcoin as soon as it was announce and have been waiting for weeks for it to arrive, so for this exciting occasion, we put together a… Read more »’s Guide To Super Bowl 50 & Paying With Bitcoin.

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Super bowl 50 fly over

  Super Bowl 50 Is less than a week away and Bitwala, and want to make this years game between The Denver Broncos & The Carolina Panthers one to remember. We have put together a 3 step guide on how you can spend Bitcoin and host a great Super Bowl party the same time.

Our 100% Get-your-money-back guarantee

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We offer a full Get-your-money-back guarantee, if we can not fulfill the order. Since the beginning of our operations we make it easy: 1. You pay, we fulfill. 2. If we can not fulfill, we refund you. ( Just to make sure, this is what we do not buy: Subscriptions, Tor markets, or darknet sites,… Read more »

How Ohio Bitcoin prohibition just looks silly

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“Public Safety” party poopers try to ban Bitcoin for alcohol-related sales China isn’t the only place trying to ban Bitcoin. The Ohio Department of Public Safety has notified a local liquor store that “Bitcoin cannot be accepted as payment for alcohol in the State of Ohio”. While it’s great to hear that Ohio has a… Read more »

Our Bitcoin sales prove that a deflationary monetary system could work

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All4Btc Sales vs Bitcoin Price

Evidence in favor of Bitcoin’s deflationary policy When talking Bitcoin, there’s often a debate. We at Bitcoins Berlin have had the pleasure of meeting experts and companies from both inside and outside the bitcoin scene. Typically, those outside of the Bitcoin community are very critical, almost as a knee-jerk reaction, of Bitcoin and need quite… Read more »

6 Reasons why Berlin is crazy for Bitcoin

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There have been a number of high-profile articles insinuating a special relationship between the German Haupstadt and the world’s most used digital currency. We at Bitcoins Berlin, are obviously delighted by the buzz and the fact that we can get beer by scanning a QR code. Why and how did Berlin become a pilgrimage for Bitcoin?… Read more »

Luxury Berlin Apartment bought with Bitcoin

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Who says you can’t live off of Bitcoin? An early Bitcoin-adopter and new resident of Berlin allowed us to share his story of how he bought a beautiful new apartment with Bitcoin. The new property owner was excited about his new purchase, saying the big and beautiful 150-square-meter apartment is “the perfect investment for where… Read more »