Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Unboxing

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Everyone here at like to keep up with Tech, so we could not wait to get our hands the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We had pre-ordered using bitcoin as soon as it was announce and have been waiting for weeks for it to arrive, so for this exciting occasion, we put together a… Read more »

We’ve lowered our fees for Europe!

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We at All4Btc have been helping people use their Bitcoins to buy anything, without waiting for this company or that store to begin accepting Bitcoin. After a year of success, and a great response to our Spring Special, we are permanently lowering our fees to 2% for all purchases made within the European Union using… Read more »

Fidor a Dream Bank for Bitcoin

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Another step toward a Crypto-Bank Munich-based Fidor Bank AG took another giant leap forward in their investment in decentralized and open-source technologies, becoming the first bank to use the Ripple payment protocol, an open-source decentralized payment network that focuses on conducting fast, cheap and secure transactions. Fidor Bank provides personal and business banking services to residents… Read more »

Are you Bitcoin broke?

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Are you Bitcoin broke? Sucks, don’t it? Definitions may vary, but to be Bitcoin broke, both of the following must be true Have at least 90% of your wealth in Bitcoin The Bitcoin price is too low (in your opinion) You need a bit of fiat just to get by You don’t want to sell,… Read more »

10 things Bitcoiners hate to hear

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“So, what do you do?” Most of the time we enjoy talking about Bitcoin and explaining what it is and how it works, but sometimes explaining the alien foundations of cryptocurrency can get slightly monotonous. We at Bitcoins Berlin do it a lot, but some days you’re tired and just want to have a normal conversation…. Read more »

All 4 Upgrades!

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Welcome to our new blog! We’re happy to announce that All4Btc has had a strong first eight months. We have been hard at work upgrading and refining All4Btc during the last several weeks, and have a few new features to we’re excited to announce. We believe in providing not only an easy way to use… Read more »