One of the best Bitcoin projects ever! Continue the excellent work and you are going to change the whole e-commerce world! Thanks for your top quality service! – Trajche Shoposki on our Facebook Page

I’ve used all4btc.com several times, especially since you made the plug in available for purchases from Thomann.com. It’s awesome! – Piper67

I’ve used this before. It worked – bluewaterbaboonfarm

I’ve also used this multiple times, great service – Bitswift

“Man you guys rock!!! Thank you very much for the service.

BTW, I had used a service very similar to yours before. The transaction was smooth but they did not communicate about the ordering or shipping. I LOVE the fact that you have the order page and you communicate about the shipping and ordering. I will spread the word about your service for sure!

Thank you again!” – Dave (via email)

I gave it a try and ordered a 12V 400W PSU on 31. October, it was delivered a few minutes ago! Not too bad ’cause 1st November is a bank holiday here and therefore a long weekend! – Beutelschneider

Looks pretty awesome! I love the chrome extension to add Buy with Bitcoin to Apple. – Morblius

So, again, really cool service. The chrome extension sounds ingenious. – Nildram

5/5 bagels – SvanteH

First order now completed. Thank you for your assistance. I hope and encourage you to continue offering your services to the USA market. I feel this is a very useful payment service. – Kieth via Email

Wow ! I love this Concept ! Very good, fast, cheap and reliable service. I’m amazed ^^ Thank you. – David via Support ticket

Hallo All4btc, habe heut den Artikel erhalten! Vielen Dank für Ihren Service! Werde wieder über Sie einkaufen! Mit freundlichen Grüßen – Alonzo via Support ticket.

Hello i ordered many items around 11-12 items and wrote below the link the colour i want ! thanks a lot ur company is the best !! – Beliu via Support ticket.

Hallo, macht bitte so weiter!!!! Hoffentlich bleibt Ihr der Welt lange erhalten!!!! Vielen Dank für Euren SUPER Service!!! Mit freundlichen Grüßen – Alonzo via Email.